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Efficient and effective public services don’t just magically appear, they’re the result of countless hours of research, negotiation, and refinement. That's why Negometrix helps public agencies build lasting relationships with the best suppliers in the marketplace. With our 100% digital system, procurement teams can develop more sustainable practices, make better decisions, and protect the selection process; all while keeping compliance front and center.

Why Negometrix?

Since 2000, Negometrix has been a thought leader within the public procurement industry and has developed a complete software for the entire procurement process - from internal purchase requests all the way through to contracting suppliers. Our procurement software suite allows you to compare the best price against a range of quality indicators; designed, evaluated, and scored by you. Regardless of the module you choose, working with Negometrix comes with the following advantages:



Organization-specific workflows configured into the software. Set your own purchasing policy, thresholds, and approval workflows.



Easy to integrate with existing systems. Sourcing files can be stored locally and new suppliers are automatically listed in your administration.

Information Management

Information Management

Manage, combine, and visualize data of all modules. Notify dependencies and optimize your processes based on facts.

Intake Management

Intake Management

What is the Intake Management Module and why does my agency need it?

It is common for agencies to receive purchasing requests from departments via call, email, or other unorganized methods. It is the job of the procurement practitioner to review the scope of the purchase request and decide whether or not the good or service can or should be procured.

With the Negometrix Intake Management Module the purchasing team receives a customized digital form in which all department users can use for their purchase requests. The requests appear on a dashboard for the purchasing team’s view. The purchasing team has the ability to accept or reject requests, and the system automatically notifies department stakeholders on the status of their requests.

If a request is accepted, the buyer has the ability to take the specifications from the request and create a solicitation out of it. The solicitation will pull the relevant information from the request form into a solicitation, saving the buyer countless hours of back and forth with the department user for specifications and details regarding their purchase.

Solicitations Module

Solicitations Module

Easy and efficient purchasing for projects of all sizes: bids & formal market solicitations.


  • No more paper
  • Automatic filing and storage
  • Easy for suppliers (increase participation)
  • Compliant with legislation by default
  • Lock-down technology
  • Integrated evaluation functionality
  • Automated communication
  • Powerful data insights
  • High quality service and up-time (99.9%)
Contract Management

Contract Management

Clear out your filing cabinets and move your contracts to the cloud. Our secure system keeps sensitive data safely stored. Easily search through contracts while allowing only authorized personnel access. Choose who can see what information.

Leesburg Goes 100% Digital

Mike Thornton, CPPO, Purchasing Manager City of Leesburg: "This is the future"

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