Company History

From Europe to the United States: Negometrix aims to digitalize procurement in the USA

Negometrix was founded in the year 2000. At that time, innovation and technology lacked in a field where trillions of taxpayer dollars were being spent by federal, state, local, municipal, and semi-governmental agencies. For years, agencies relied on paper and basic tooling such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word in order to conduct their day to day work – work that has so much at stake.

In 2000, Jan Siderius, the founder and CEO of Negometrix, developed the first version of the Negometrix software. Jan teamed up with thought leaders from across the public procurement industry in order to incorporate detailed procurement functions in the software – functions no other software contains. The aim was to develop a software solely dedicated to the process of public procurement with the following principles in mind: transparency, efficiency, cost effective (for buyers and sellers), structure, and ease of use.

After valuable feedback, proper analysis, and system upgrades, Negometrix truly took off in its home country, The Netherlands. The company’s headquarters are based in Utrecht, Netherlands, where Negometrix currently employs 50+ full time consultants, account managers, product innovators, and sales representatives. The company grew slowly but steadily and improved upon its technology after each implementation and feedback from every client. What was once started as a tool to compare pricing, now covers the full scope of procurement; sourcing, evaluating, awarding, contracting, and performance monitoring. There is not a single procurement function that is not part of the Negometrix workflow. We credit this to the feedback received by buyers and constant improvements to the software.

Today, the Negometrix software is trusted by strong references such as The Dutch Ministry of Defense, The City of Amsterdam, City of Rotterdam, The Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, 8/12 Dutch public hospitals, and hundreds of other public organizations across Europe and the United States. Negometrix transformed its home country of the Netherlands into a global leader in procurement, as it boasts high levels of supplier participation, industry leading technology, and a fully integrated and perfected procurement workflow, vetted by procurement professionals from 400+ organizations.


"Negometrix is the future of procurement in the United States" -Mike Thornton, CPPO - City of Leesburg Florida

While Negometrix realized great success in the Netherlands, the internal development team (25+ full time developers) headquartered in our office in Sofia, Bulgaria began pitching the software to their own government. This proved to follow the same process. At first some few agencies signed on, and slowly but surely, Negometrix wound up as the exclusive e-Procurement and Contract Management software provider of the Bulgarian Federal Government, and Ministry of Finance.

In 2017, Jan Siderius was invited to speak at the NIGP conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is where Jan learned just how behind and ‘paper heavy’ the USA is in its procurement practices. Less than a year after this conference, Jan opened the company’s first USA office in Brooklyn, New York. After half a year, Negometrix is ​​starting along the same path as our Dutch branch. Negometrix USA already has strong references across the country.

Our current customers are proud to be the first group using the software within the United States. They conduct all procurement practices via the platform and have been thrilled with the results. The United States Public Procurement community is beginning to realize the value of Negometrix as a unique and professionally developed software dedicated to public procurement.

After half a year of using the Negometrix Platform, our agency has realized tremendous cost savings, an increase of 150% in supplier participation, and have left a greener footprint by eliminating paper from our procurement process" - Dean Mealy, CPPO - Town of Palm Beach, Florida