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Strengthen your competitive position and establish strong relationships with your vendors by using the Negometrix Purchasing Suite. Our modules contribute to improved purchasing results with streamlined processes and powerful insights in your (indirect) spend and current contracts.

Why Negometrix?

Regardless of what module fits your organizations needs best, working with Negometrix guarantees the following advantageous:



Organization specific workflows configured into the software. Set your own goals and deadlines and adjust if needed.



Easy to integrate with existing systems. Sourcing files can be stored locally and new suppliers are automatically listed in your administration.

Management information

Management information

Manage, combine and visualize data over all modules. Notify dependencies and optimize your processes based on facts.


Activate the Negometrix modules that fit your organizations needs and customize a powerful toolbox designed to guide you trough your trusted workflows.

Sourcing management

Sourcing management

Configure and start your sourcing projects in a few clicks. Use templates for repetitive tasks if possible.


  • Perfect market dynamics and guaranteed lowest price
  • Get stakeholders involved in online project rooms
  • Manage risks by creating workflows and enforcing agreements
  • Powerful insights in your decision making chaing by automated filing and log-files
  • Efficient: significantly reduce leap-times
  • High quality service for vendors as well as purchasers
Supplier relationship management

Supplier relationship management

Organize your supplier relations and track performance, mitigate risks and streamline your processes.


  • Insights in supplier compliance
  • Effective management of certificates and documents
  • Insights in performance
  • Task management and group communication
  • Integrated with sourcing- and contractmanagement module
Contract Management

Contract Management

All contract information in one system, online accessible at all time for authorized stakeholders. Negometrix is configurable in line with your organization structure reporting requirements.


  • All information securely stored in one place
  • Conduct powerful data analysis
  • Improve audit capabilities
  • Task management
  • Automated reminders & notifications
  • Integrated with your DMS

All solutions
Sourcing management

Complete sourcing management solution, suitable for every possible procedure.
Supplier relationship management

Organize your supplier relations and track performance.
Contract Management

Manage your contracts online. Get notified for tasks deadlines.
Project intake module

Internal purchasing requests are easily registered and presented on a managing dashboard.
Reverse auctions

Perfect market dynamics in a transparant and fair process. Decide on a lowest price auction or take quality into account.

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