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Measuring Cost Savings in Procurement

Measuring cost savings is critical for CPOs and purchasing managers as they establish benchmarks and reach for ambitious savings goals. In this webinar, Darin Matthews will walk through the methodology for measuring cost savings in procurement that he used during his time working with the University of California.

Setting Up Your eProcurement Czar

For agencies working on eProcurement, setting up a point person - an eProcurement czar - is a powerful strategy. Join this conversation with a procurement leader, who has taken on this role as the tip of the spear. Discover how this has given them a deeper expertise in technology implementation and how this has allowed them to discover the more holistic benefits of eProcurement

Implementing Contract Management from Every Angle

For agencies going digital, implementing contract management has benefits that extend way beyond procurement. Explore best practices, discover boosted efficiencies and improve the lives of everyone within your municipal system.

Connecticut’s Digital Transformation

Join agencies from across CT who have been working hard to bring their solicitations online. Explore their reasons for exploring Digital Procurement, their experience implementing an eProcurement solution, and some of the results of this transition.

Accessible Procurement with ADA Compliance

Discover the role of accessibility in procurement, allowing vendors and suppliers of all abilities to easily participate in bids and look into the way that Negometrix is achieving ADA compliance.

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