5 Things to Be Grateful for in Digital Procurement

5 Things to Be Grateful for in Digital Procurement
Emma Shaffer
23 November 2021

by Crystal Sefah

As we near the holiday season, it is great to reflect on all there is to be thankful for. Here at Mercell, we are constantly keeping a mindset of gratitude, whether we are thankful for working alongside bright colleagues or sharing different perspectives on all things eProcurement. To spread the holiday joy, we have highlighted 5 components of digital procurement that we are especially thankful for this year.

  1. Sustainability- Procurement Digitization is a powerful tool for creating a greener world and conserving our planet. The Mercell Source-to-Contract Platform, for example, allows solicitations and responses to be posted and submitted online, saving agencies the hassle of printing hundreds of pages. Our Contract Management Module also digitally stores all contract documents at the click of a button, allowing agencies to avoid the use of endless paper and plastic folders. We would like to extend our gratitude to Our Customers that have joined us in taking these steps to help protect our natural environment.  
  1. Templates- Who isn’t thankful for being able to save time and boost their efficiency during the day? Here at Mercell, we love making life easier for agencies across the globe by enhancing all their procurement activities. Our templating tools allow our clients to save the format of many structures of their procurement activities ranging from customized digital bid packages to award notification letters. Templates ease the procurement process and bring boundless joy through empowering organizations to work faster and smarter.  
  1. Reporting- Creating reports is a significant tool to keep track of trends in our procurement efforts and supplier performance. We are grateful to have these resources that enable us to analyze data and draw deeper insights. Our platform allows reports to be created on anything an agency needs, spanning from stakeholder satisfaction to small and/or diverse business participation. Our Contract Management Module has the capacity to create custom reporting and run a report in an instant. This functionality and the resulting greater access to data analysis is going to drive the next generation of procurement improvements.  
  1. Collaboration- Life is so much better with people with whom you can share your ideas and work towards reaching your fullest potential. At Mercell, we pride ourselves on this value and appreciate the importance of collaboration in digital procurement. Having procurement within a digital landscape allows people to be involved in the process whether within a centralized or decentralized structure. In our Solicitation Management Module, teams functionality allows individuals from all agency departments to hold defined roles within a bid – ranging in rights from viewers and evaluators to lead buyers. Working with others to make the digital procurement process the best it can be is a core component of what drives us here at Mercell. 
  1. Organization- Not much can compare to the feeling of being organized and knowing that you are on top of things in your life. In the digital procurement sphere, this is exemplified through storing purchasing data on a consolidated platform. We are moving towards a world where we can find all things in one place, and this saves procurement professionals (and auditors) time and energy. Mercell Source-to-Contract has the functionality to store a variety of documents, data, and reports. We are thankful for the peace of mind we get knowing that all documents and important information is easily stored in one place!  

How lucky are we to have so much to be thankful for in eProcurement! 

Do you know what else we should be thankful for? eProcurement has the potential to increase supply chain resiliency in the U.S. to match/rise above our counterparts from other countries. Learn more here.