Ted Soepboer • 13 July 2018

Tools of the Profession

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Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager for the City of Leesburg, explains why it's critical for procurement professionals to invest in solutions that will help them secure the best products and services ahead of the competition.

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Ted Soepboer • 29 December 2017

Dutch software company Negometrix to develop the national procurement system for all Bulgarian Public Entities

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On December 15, 2017 Negometrix as part of a consortium, signed a contract with the Public Procurement Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria. The contract is for delivering and support of the national procurement for a period of 4 years.  Negometrix will deliver the software solution, that will be used by all public authorities such as cities, provinces, ministries, hospitals, utilities and others for purchasing goods, services and supplies completely electronically. The awarded contract worth € 2,4 million was a result of an extensive European tendering procedure which took almost 1 year. The awarding criteria was 60% on quality and 40% on price.

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