Negometrix offers e-Procurement for free during COVID-19 crisis

The best thing we can do to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus is eliminate non-essential human contact. This is why, for the next 6 months, Negometrix offers its e-Procurement module for free to US Agencies.

The offers for free unlimited Lead-buyer license usage, Consultancy and Service Desk access, is valid up until we reach capacity of the support load.

With all its advanced digital features, using Negometrix allows procurement departments to maintain all aspects of managing solicitations while people work from home, or anywhere else. Vendors can prepare and submit their offers on-line while buyers receive them safely in their digital vault. After the remote bid opening, the evaluation module allows evaluators to review, comment and collaborate digitally. This reduces the need for in person meetings, evaluation committee gatherings, and the internal circulation of documents.

Negometrix is hosting a webinars to provide more information on how using our platform can benefit your agency during COVID-19 crisis. Please click on this link to see upcoming webinars and register.

If you are not able to make one of these webinars and are still interested in signing up for the free software, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.


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