The Purchase Request Form

The Purchase Request Form

What is the purchase request form and why does my agency need it?

It is common for agencies to receive purchasing requests from departments via call, email, or other unorganized methods. It is the job of the procurement practitioner to review the scope of the purchase request and decide whether or not the good or service can or should be procured.

With the Negometrix Purchase Request Form, the purchasing team receives a customized digital form in which all department users can use for their purchase requests. The requests appear on a dashboard for the purchasing team’s view. The purchasing team has the ability to accept or reject requests, and the system automatically notifies department stakeholders on the status of their requests.

If a request is accepted, the buyer has the ability to take the specifications from the request and create a solicitation out of it. The solicitation will pull the relevant information from the request form into a solicitation, saving the buyer countless hours of back and forth with the department user for specifications and details regarding their purchase.


Keep all requests organized by using one dashboard for the procurement staff. All requests come in through one channel, meaning no more searching through emails, sifting through paper forms, nor remembering what a department staff may have requested over the phone.


The Purchase Request Form is a smart digital form that is fully customized per your agency's requirements. Tell us what you need and we will build it!


Automate tedious procurement tasks such as requesting approvals, manually inserting data, gathering & storing requests, and more!

The Purchase Request Form is beneficial for many reasons, including:

  1. Standardization of all procurement requests from within the organization listed in one dashboard. No more emails, calls, or information getting lost in-between
  2. The software keeps all stakeholders up to date on their requests.
  3. Integration into solicitation. Given that our modules are designed to work together, the Purchase Request Form can become translated into a live solicitation within the solicitations module.
  4. Approval Workflows. If requests need approvals, our approval workflow specializes in ensuring the proper individual(s) responsible for approvals receive the proper notifications of what and when they need to approve certain requests. This includes hierarchical approval workflows.

Functionalities include:

  • Configured in line with your organization’s policies
  • Automated approval workflows and notifications for new requests
  • Manage the entire purchase order process from request to contract
  • Insights into your organization’s purchasing dynamics