Setting Up Your eProcurement Czar

Join our upcoming webinar, “Setting up your eProcurement Czar,” and discover how individual leadership is critical for navigating procurement implementation!

The team at Negometrix helps agencies all across the country with implementing a comprehensive eProcurement platform. And while our implementation team can take these agencies almost all the way, it is up to the Procurement staff to cross the finish line.

We have discovered that for agencies working on eProcurement, setting up a point person – an eProcurement czar – is a powerful strategy. Join this conversation with a procurement leader, who has taken on this role as the tip of the spear. Discover how this has given them a deeper expertise in technology implementation and how this has allowed them to discover the more holistic benefits of eProcurement – extending far beyond their own department.

Note: The date of this webinar may change. If it does, we will alert all registrants in advance and, as usual, we will share a recording with all registrants.

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