Procurement Panel: The Next Generation

The procurement function, and the role that procurement professionals play not just at the top of the supply chain but throughout public sector agencies, has changed and shifted over time. With a greater emphasis on, and recognition of the importance of strategic sourcing – alongside the advent of new technologies – Procurement has, in many places, shifted from a back-office function, to “a seat at the table,” to becoming the tip of the spear for major decision making.

This shift has coincided with new education programs around the country preparing a next generation of procurement professionals. Young leaders around the country are further transforming procurement, making change, and leading the conversation when it comes to the importance of strategic sourcing and procurement.

In this webinar, Darin Matthews is joined by a panel of young procurement professionals. Together they’ll discuss procurement education, the transformations that they are seeing and leading, and what they hope to see in the procurement offices of tomorrow.

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