OGS Authorized User Webinar (April 13th)

We are conducting a webinar for the 450 Authorized User Agencies that are currently using the NYS OGS Vehicle Marketplace with Negometrix. This usage currently includes registration, approval by NY State, specific vehicles to purchase, mini-bid run by NY State, receive bids from dealers and make an award all within the Negometrix platform.

In addition to the process by which these agencies engage with the Vehicle Marketplace, The Negometrix e-Procurement platform can do much more: publish solicitations, broadcast to right vendors, and have vendors prepare and submit their offers online while you receive the offers safely in your digital vault. While the OGS Vehicle Marketplace is a bit of a complex and specific procedure, using Negometrix is simple, especially for more straightforward solicitations.

Using Negometrix Contributes to Social Distancing
Human contact that comes with print, mail and distribution services: for both buyers and vendors, is eliminated. After the remote bid opening, the evaluation module allows evaluators to review, comment and collaborate digitally. This reduces the need for in person meetings, evaluation committee gatherings, and the internal circulation of documents.
The best thing we can do to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus is eliminate non-essential human contact. This is why, effective immediately, Negometrix offers its eProcurement module for free.

For any solicitations started in the next 4 months, Negometrix offers free unlimited Lead-buyer licenses, Consultancy and Service Desk access, up until we reach capacity of the support load. Register today and learn more about how Negometrix can bring your procurement process online!

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