102nd Annual CAPPO Conference and Supplier Exposition

CAPPO was formed in 1915 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional behavior and ethical conduct in public procurement. As the oldest public procurement association in the United States, CAPPO works to provide tools to buyers in the public sector that will help them develop their professional skills for their benefit and the benefit of their agencies.

CAPPO members exchange ideas in an effort to resolve problems affecting California’s public agencies by sharing information on technical advances, cost factors, new laws, and sources for products. This open collaboration helps to strengthen the skills of public procurement officials as they fulfill their responsibilities to the public they serve.

You won’t want to miss this annual conference event.  The 2019 Conference Committee is assembling another educational line-up of speakers, Pro-D presentations, networking opportunities and entertainment.

In addition to the annual conference, Negometrix CEO, Jan Siderius, will be participating in the CAPPO Golf Tournament! Be sure to check out the schedule at a glance, and sign up for both the conference and the Golf Tournament on the official CAPPO Website: