Negometrix becomes Mercell US

The software as you know it remains available as Negometrix3 and Negometrix4.

Negometrix becomes Mercell US
Louis Gossieau
26 May 2021

Last February, we announced the acquisition of Negometrix by Mercell. We are still very excited about this and ever since we have been working hard on joining our forces. 

The first thing that you will notice from this, is that on Thursday, May 27th we will start using Mercell’s name and styling on our website. 

This means that our company name will be replaced by Mercell. Moreover, on our website, social media, and in our communication, we will use Mercell’s logo and branding.

By doing so, we are working towards one powerful organization using Mercell’s name to support you on an ever-broader field.

Your experience will go unchanged.
The software as you know it remains available with Negometrix3 keeping its name and Negometrix4 also staying the same but being renamed to Mercell Source-to-Contract. The team you work with on a daily basis will stay the same. Over time, we may transition additional branding to Mercell as well, and will keep all of our clients informed in advance of any changes.