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Efficient and effective public services don’t just magically appear, they’re the result of countless hours of research, negotiation, and refinement. That’s why Negometrix helps public agencies build lasting relationships with the best suppliers in the marketplace. With our 100% digital system, procurement teams can develop more sustainable practices, make better decisions, and protect the selection process; all while keeping compliance front and center.

Why Negometrix?

Regardless of what module fits your organization’s needs best, working with Negometrix comes with the following advantages:



Organization specific workflows configured into the software. Set your own purchasing policy, thresholds and approval workflows.



Easy to integrate with existing systems. Sourcing files can be stored locally and new suppliers are automatically listed in your administration.

Management information

Management information

Manage, combine and visualize data for all modules. Notify dependencies and optimize your processes based on facts.

All solutions


Activate the Negometrix modules that fit your organization’s needs and customize a powerful toolbox designed to guide you trough your trusted workflows.

Online Sourcing (Basic)

Online Sourcing (Basic)

Easy and efficient purchasing for any procedure: RFP, RFI, RFx, tenders, big or small projects.


  • No more paper
  • Automatic filing and storage
  • Easy for suppliers (increase participation)
  • Compliant with legislation by default
  • Lock-down technology
  • Integrated evaluation functionality
  • Automated communication
  • Powerful data insights
  • High quality service and up-time (99,9%)
Online Sourcing (Advanced)

Online Sourcing (Advanced)

The modern procurement professional shapes every sourcing project in line with its specifics. The advanced Negometrix Sourcing Suite provides all the means to accommodate for every unique situation. Configure your workflows, create templates for repetitive tasks, automate evaluations as well as award communications.


  • Efficiency: diminish leap-times and save costs
  • Online project environments
  • 8 integrated award-formulas
  • Automated bidding evaluations
  • Legal & policy compliance
  • Integrated evaluation functionality
  • Powerful data insights
  • 1 file: 24/7 accessible
  • Easy to use
Dynamic Purchasing System

Dynamic Purchasing System

Create a pool of pre-screened vendors efficiently categorized by qualifications. Suppliers apply continuously to become ‘pre-screened’ and can either be submitted or rejected using a simple dashboard. New mini competitions within a specific category can now be shared among the pre-screened vendors in that category with one click.


  • Repetitive access to your best vendors
  • Manage your own categories and qualifications
  • Mini competitions based on price and quality
  • Automated substantiation of awards and rejections
  • Can be used for products, services or hiring external workforce
Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management

Measure performance of contracted vendors using our Contract Management Suite.


  • Procurement doesn’t stop after signing a contract
  • Delegate responsibility to operations and your vendors whilst staying informed
  • Is performance in line with what was agreed on?
  • Create a better relationship with vendors and strenghten your position in negotiations
Contract Management

Contract Management

All contract information in one system, online accessible at all times for authorized stakeholders. Negometrix is configurable in line with your organizational structure and reporting requirements.


  • All information securely stored in one place
  • Conduct powerful data analysis
  • Improve audit capabilities
  • Task management
  • Automated reminders & notifications
  • Integrated with your DMS
Sourcing form

Sourcing form

Gap the bridge with your internal customers by effectively managing  decentralized purchasing requests. Using the intelligent Negometrix Sourcing form, internal customers are forced to provide all the necessary information for any specific request. Completed forms are presented in a dashboard for evaluation. A new project is only one click away.


  • Easy to use, also for non-experienced purchasers
  • Configurable in line with organizations policy
  • Automated approval workflows
  • The purchasing professional gets notified about the request and can advise the internal customer if necessary
  • In combination with the sourcing module the complete process from request till award is digitized and traceable.
  • Manage purchasing requests from their origination
  • Gain insights in your organizations purchasing dynamics
Leesburg Goes 100% Digital

Mike Thornton, CPPO, Purchasing Manager City of Leesburg: “This is the future”

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